Holistic oriented treatment, created to obtain lymphatic release, draining and reactivation of the microcirculation (which is useful to combat any type of cellulite) with the synergetic combination of White Mud, Dead Sea Water and Pepper (the transmitting active with thermogenic and stimulating actions for the cell's metabolism).

Duration: 50΄
Seaweed is a well-known oceanic herb, harvested from the depths of seas and is packed with vitamins and minerals. Seaweed is considered to be one of the richest ingredients for beauty treatments meted out to rejuvenate you and relax your spirits. A seaweed body wrap is one that makes the intensive use of seaweed to help your skin regenerate. It soothes your skin and your mind.

Duration: 55΄
Treatment based on cacao's natural ingredients. Caffeine & carnitine, plus polyphenols, tone the skin & help the process of lipolysis. The complete treament consists of three stages: Firstly, the skin is cleansed using the chocolate body scrub, followed by toning and firming with a chocolate body mask. Finally, it is ideal that you finish the treatment by enjoying a 45' minutes massage with chocolate body cream, for a complete moisturizing and relaxing experience.

Duration: 45΄ - 90΄
- Swedish / relaxing
- Sports
- Lymphatic
- Bussiness
- 4-hands
- Shiatsu
- Hawaiian
A luxurious treatment for your body, using 23carat gold, ginger & silk. The combination tones, firms & deeply moisturizes your skin, while it also fights cellulite. The complete treatment includes the body scrub, the body mask (or a body wrap) & a full body relaxing massage with warm oil infused with gold and ginger.

Duration: 45΄ - 90΄
A traditional exfoliation therapy based on the natural ingredients present in milk. Lactic acid, is an ingredient that naturally rids the body of dead cells. Soaking in milk leaves your skin smooth & shiny, while it nourishes it.

Duration: 30΄