Collagen in a very pure and concentrated form, obtained by cold-squeezing the fibers of marine collagen. The treatment is indicated in case of dehydration, wrinkles and swelling of the eyelids and periocular area; it reduces wrinkles, while decongesting and smoothing the skin with a lifting effect. The result can be seen in the eye contour and surrounding area (temples, cheekbones).
A powerful reconstructive therapy for your skin. It helps the skin produce collagen, it reduces age and sun spots, and has a strong, antioxidant effect. Effective for face, neck & décolleté.
The antioxidants in caviar lift the skin and eliminate the fine lines that appear on the face. It also helps unifying skin color, and moisturizing it by balancing between the loss and absorption of water. Its cosmetic importance lies in its role in brightening the skin and correcting/remedying its blemishes.
A therapy that owes its benefits in cocoa's natural ingredients, black tea extracts and cocoa butter. It improves the connective tissue, increases skin elasticity and makes the skin brighter. It is an ideal treatment for dehydrated skin, that has lost its youthfulness. For better results, try the full facial treatment, which includes a chocolate peeling, chocolate mask & facial massage.
A luxurious, anti-wrinkle & firming treatment, based on 23-carat gold, silk proteins & marine collagen. Additionally, it contains oligopeptides & amino acids, scientifically proven to benefit beauty regimens & facial treatments. Golden line treatment is ideal for more mature skins, eliminating wrinkles and improving skin elasticity. Combine this treatment with our collagen facial sheet, for even better results.
A special facial technique with soft touches that acts on muscles, connective tissue and meridians that results in a natural lift. It offers relaxation and well-being. It can also be applied with an essential oil of your choosing.


- Hot Stones facial
- Facial reflexology
- Collagen sheet
- Hyaluronic acid