Let us guide you a sweet experience of chocolate enjoyment. The beneficial attributes of chocolate offer full relaxation and absolute calm, giving you a sense of euphoria. Dark chocolate naturally activates the production of endorphins, which improve your mood and imbue you with a sense of well-being and relaxation. Tempt your senses to a journey of euphoria and detoxification.

Try the wonderful sensation of a water bed combined with the soothing effects of color therapy in a room with a minimal design built to provide you with unprecedented moments of rest.

We offer specialized face and body treatments in this unique space.

Transport yourselves to the Orient via the architecture of this room and the alternating colours of the dome. Enjoy deep cleansing by inhaling special perfumes and essential oils for a complete rejuvenation.

Try the black soap from exotic Marocco, a secret recipe for a comprehensive exfoliation and whitening, or the kessa glove for a thorough sense of care.

You can then move to the repose room for a restoring drink, cold water or herbal tea.
Let us help you feel relieved via the application of specialized pressure and massaging to the instep and heel of your feet in a specially configured room.

Applying specialized pressure to some of the 7200 nerve endings of the foot causes a "reflexive" impulse of specific parts of the body, thus stimulating the nervous and immune system.

Alternatively, this treatment can be applied to the hands or the face.
Improve your health by trying the detoxifying effects of a sauna in combination with color therapy for emotional tranquility. The Finnish traditional sauna – as a way of life – offers numerous benefits.
On top of reducing stress and inducing relaxation, it provides the best skin treatment that cleanses deeply and leaves your skin feeling fresh and renewed.

Combine it with a lipolysis treatment to strengthen your immune system and ameliorate your health.
Relieve yourselves from tension with a method that takes advantage of a variety of techniques, such as massaging, stretching and acupressure. Shiatsu is meant to ensure maximum well-being affection the body as well as the mind and spirit.

Enjoy our treatments in a unique atmosphere on a traditional futon. Shiatsu will help you feel more harmonious, concentrate and sleep better and relieve stress and emotional tension. It offers deep relaxation especially to those that have great demands on their bodies (like athletes).
Our spa offers a triple sense of beneficial rejuvenation via water, heat and massage. A luxurious 6 seat pool offers moments of relaxing enjoyment as well as toning, as you can also do exercises that strengthen your muscular and skeletal system. The hot bubble massage stimulates the production of endorphins that act as a stress reliever. Furthermore, it dilates your trichoid vessels reducing headaches and helping you against insomnia. In the same space you will find state-of-the-art melanin-producing equipment, as well as a vichy shower. Combine exfoliation by rain water and tanning to improve your appearance and gain and exotic complexion.